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Environmental Mission

Consume Less | Use Renewable Resources | Recycle and Reuse | Collaborate More

At Nexcom, we strive to reduce the impact our internal operations have on the environment through sustainable practices and source reduction initiatives. In addition, we seek to provide our customers with solutions designed to help them produce products that are inherently more sustainable.

As part of our continuing mission to leave the world better than we found it, we are taking our passion for creating great innovating software products to a new level that helps our internal company and our customers reduce waste and save money.

We continue to find new ways to use our talents to create more efficiencies within our facility. The goal is to greatly reduce energy use and create a more sustainable work environment. While we have a long way to go, our efforts are working. It’s our responsibility to make sure that, while developing amazing software products, we’re caring for our amazing planet.

Save thousands of dollars each year!

Let Nexcom manage your wireless bills.

Save thousands of dollars each year!

Increase Productivity

Increase productivity by 72% with a customized mobile field service platform.

Increase Productivity

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Join Our Team

In The Field and In The Office

See what the next generation of field force service and sales CRMs will look like.

Finally, a mobile-first designed field service and sales CRM. See how Nexcom can deliver transformational results for your business.



Create Ecstatic Customers through Exceptional Service

The right mobile software will enable your technicians to spend more time on quality and less on data entry.



Many companies now outfit field employees with as many as 3 devices

Having a mobile workforce is expensive. Security, carrier cost, deployment and training can bring overhead into the top four costs of an organization. We help companies generate an edge by implementing meaningful processes that save time and money in the day-to-day management of connected devices. At the same time, you can leverage our mobile expense management software, Compass™, and pay 20% less year over year versus companies that don't work with Nexcom.



Your GPS solution doesn’t have to be another stand-alone software platform

Nexcom solutions empower industries of any size to optimize the management of their vehicles and drivers or mobile technicians with applications and hardware configured for your organization’s needs. In line with other Nexcom solutions, our GPS is delivered as a mobile-ready application.

Outsourcing Technology

Outsourcing Technology

Delight your employees with a knowledge based partner like Nexcom

Finding and retaining help desk resources with the right skills for legacy systems and new mobile technology can be challenging. When you need to maintain stability or swiftly scale IT teams to match business demands, Nexcom is the right partner for you.

Experience our Award Winning Help Desk

Receive instant access to our services as soon as you sign up!

At Nexcom, we offer consistent, high quality help desk services. Our U.S. based and staffed help desk team uses state-of-the-art support software to manage customer tickets and account information. As your end users continue to leverage mobile technology, we will provide support.

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We are proud to be ranked on the Inc. 5000 list as one of the fastest growing companies in the nation. Our company is made of industry thought leaders committed to providing businesses with the mobile technology they need to be successful.

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