In August 2012, AT&T announced they would be phasing out their 2G network by December 31,2016. This is referred to as the”2G sunset.” Due to the 2G sunset, there is a possibility that companies may have to replace some of their GPS hardware.

Why is AT&T shutting down the network?

Mobile data traffic in the United Stated has grown by 75,000 percent in the last six years, forcing mobile carriers to acquire more bandwidth. Wireless carriers are looking to transform 2G towers into 3G and 4G service that delivers much faster speed and bandwidth.

How does the 2G sunset affect GPS devices?

Many older GPS devices use 2G. After the 2G network shuts down, vehicle owners may not be able to track their trucks, vans, and company cars.

Can I just switch to another carrier?

While some carriers still support 2G and will continue to for some time, most have plans to shut down their 2G networks. AT&T is just shutting down theirs the fastest in favor of its more advanced networks.

What do I need to do if my device uses 2G?

You will need to upgrade to 3G or 4G-compatible GPS hardware. This change is affecting the entire country and a plan of action is crucial to maintaining optimum performance of your fleet. Contact Nexcom for more information on how to upgrade your devices. Our GPS experts will be more than happy to simplify your transition from 2G while improving your vehicle ROI, decrease fuel consumption and lower the risk of accidents.