Evolve's™ Business Intelligence

Identifying business trends is critical to growing revenue, retaining customers and increasing the productivity of field personnel. It’s also important as a means of discovering problems before they can significantly affect profitability. Reports are, therefore, an essential component of any field service mobile solution.

Evolve™'s business intelligence capabilities include:

  • A wide variety of built-in reports that cover every facet of your field service operation – customers, revenue, work orders, items, assets, inventory, etc.

  • A large range of filters (customer, asset, work order, etc.) that can be applied to built- in reports – this enables users to customize standard reports and obtain the specific information they need, in useful and usable format

  • Data export to Excel and other standard file formats (i.e. CSV- Comma Separated Values)

We offer an end-to-end solution that includes a customizable company dashboard and state-of-the-art scheduler to provide managers and executives with the information they need.

Evolve™ supplies managers and executives with everything they need every minute of every day. Our software allows you to know what is happening in your business with just a few clicks. Nexcom knows how important the field service mobile solution you choose provides the information managers and executives need, simply, accurately and instantly.

Two of our field service mobile features that are mission critical in delivering an up-to- the-minute view of the status of any field service operation are– the company dashboard and the scheduler.

Our solution includes:

  • Company Dashboard – Customizable company dashboard that displays latest activities (jobs, customers, invoices, items, assets, suppliers, tasks and users), scheduled work orders, job status (completed, active and scheduled) with associated revenue and projected job revenue for the month. (some are custom features)

  • Scheduler – Gantt Chart and map based-display that includes drag-and-drop job scheduling and real time visibility into the location, status and history of every job. It also allows companies to assign jobs to employees and contractors and alter views by location, technician(s), customer or job status.