Evolve's™ cloud-based mobile solutions provide a number of cost benefits and can also be implemented more quickly and easily. Our software is not just cloud-based, it was designed for a cloud-based environment.

Some solutions, although marketed as cloud-based, are really systems that were designed for on-site implementations. This limits their scalability and also may result in performance issues because they are not optimized for the cloud.

Our key business benefits of Evolve's™ cloud-based mobile solution include:

  • Reduced capital spending on technology infrastructure (hardware and software)

  • Improved business efficiency– new applications and capabilities without capital investment or the need to hire additional personnel

  • Rapid implementation of new technologies and capabilities

  • Elimination of hardware and software maintenance costs

  • Predictable costs for technology and services

  • Ability to choose and use the capabilities and services needed as they are required

  • Data can be automatically backed up (disaster recovery) by the service provider (additional add on feature)

  • Uses technologies most companies already have in place– smartphones or tablets and the internet