Happy Earth Day!

In recognition of Earth Day, we wanted to share some of the many ways Nexcom works to save the planet internally and with our products and services.

Products and Services

1. Paperless Field Service Management Software, Evolve

Nexcom’s field service management platform, Evolve, was designed to help businesses go paperless. By implementing Evolve, field service organizations can eliminate paper, reduce printer ink cartridge and toner consumption (and waste), cut fuel costs, decrease energy consumption, shrink their carbon footprint, and reduce part packaging.

2. Wireless Telecom Expense Management Software, Compass

Our mobile telecom expense management tool, Compass, was also designed to help our customers go paperless through its online reporting and Bill Pay features. Nexcom’s vision has always been to directly protect the environment, which makes our work and our partners inherently more sustainable.

3. Go Green with Nexcom GPS

GPS tracking can help a business go green is by reducing its employees’ fuel consumption. A company with a fleet of hundreds or even thousands of vehicles can eliminate wasteful fuel consumption by making sure its drivers always know the most direct route to their destination.

Internal Initiatives

4. Employees Play a Big Part

All of our employees play a big part in helping Nexcom reduce its eco footprint. Some of our internal initiatives include glass water bottles to reduce plastic water bottle use, recycling bins, reduced printing and reusing packaging.

5. LEED Certified Headquarter/ Eco-Friendly Suite Design

Nexcom’s headquarters, located in Charlotte, North Carolina, is in a Silver LEED Certified Building. It was built environmentally, energy and resource efficient. Inside our suite we have taken measures to ensure we leave the smallest eco footprint possible with:

• motion sensor lights
• energy efficient light bulbs
• low-emission halogen lighting
• recycled concrete floors
• exposed ceilings and ductwork
• 60 percent less building materials
• lead free paint
• carpet made from recycled plastic bottles
• and work areas painted with light colors to maximize the effects of natural lighting

6. Conservation culture

We consider our environmental impact during the earliest stages of our work for our customer — we find ways to create unique applications that use fewer materials and leave our customers in a paperless environment. We understand that the planet has a limited supply of clean water and natural resources, so we make sure that our work leaves the smallest environmental footprint possible.

We have supported hundreds of companies with application development engagements, mobile management services, and help desk services while consistently delivering high-quality paperless outcomes. By utilizing coding standards, architecture and design best practices, our application solutions offer a flexible foundation for future growth, security and ease of maintainability. We then top that off with our commitment to superior customer service, environmental stewardship and a personal dedication to helping our clients achieve success.

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