Is Custom Application Development More Expensive?

Not at all. As you look at your software investment alternatives, you need to consider the following costs, in total, across the entire time you expect to use your investment (like two to five years):

  • Initial setup, configuration, and implementation costs
  • Ongoing user licenses
  • Ongoing maintenance and enhancement costs

While using software "out of the box" may appear attractive on the surface (low per user costs per month), it can add up in other areas. As you add users, your cost will increase. Additionally, companies typically find the setup and configuration to be especially cost-prohibitive if any customization is desired. Ongoing maintenance (especially enhancements) is another cost to consider.
Nexcom's custom applications do not charge per user. We scope your build to fit your needs, and we maintain your application for you. The investment in our applications, especially compared to others on these terms, is significantly more competitive.

How Can I Determine Return-on-Investment (ROI) for Development?

In every scenario where you are making a technology investment, it is imperative to think about Return on Investment (ROI). In the context of mobile application development, ROI typically comes in the form of increased productivity resulting from eliminating paper processes and redundant manual data entry. When you can capture, store, and share data directly from a mobile device, you release a sales and service representative from time-consuming work that produces little value. You can then turn this resource towards a higher value added activity for your business like generating more sales, giving better service, and delivering continuous improvement in performance.

What Mobile Development Capabilities Do You Offer?

Nexcom is staffed with a team of highly talented developers who can build in the following languages:

  • IOS (iPad and iPhone)
  • Responsive (HTML5 / CSS3 / Javascript / AJAX / jQuery / more)
  • PhoneGap (publish to all devices)

What Does a Custom Application Cost?

This depends entirely on what you want an application to do for you. Similar to building a home, the more "square footage" (features) and higher end "finishes" (advanced interactivity) you request, the more investment it will take. Nexcom works with you to scope the right fit. We give you clear alternatives and pricing to understand what trade-offs you need to make to build the right application for the right budget.

Throughout our delivery, you have options to add or change your scope. If you make changes, we work with you to understand the impacts on scope, timing, and delivery.

How Does Custom Application Development Work?

Nexcom is a professional project management and development company. We build applications through a cycle of planning, development (in sprints), testing, and delivery. You will have a dedicated project management professional working with you to develop scope, communicate progress, and ensure your project exceeds your expectations for scope, quality, cost, and time.

What Can I Do in a Mobile Application?

Mobile applications present you with an infinite number of possibilities for you to view and collect data. For sales calls, you can do things like view your customer history and make notes about your calls and conversations. You can record your sales opportunities, close deals, collect signatures, fill out forms, and complete a wide variety of tasks. You can also deliver polished, effective sales presentations through your mobile device. The sky is the limit. The only thing your mobile application will not do is drive you to your appointments, but that could change soon.

What is Custom Application Development?

Custom application development is simply building software (mobile, web, or desktop) to specifications that you define.


What is Mobile Device Management?

Mobile Device Management is software that sits on each device and connects to a web-based application to give you full control over all of your company's mobile devices. It secures the data on your devices, locates them, and gives your company full control over what users can see, do, and manage on them. These features give companies great capabilities to wipe devices if they are lost or stolen, keep employees engaged in work activity on their devices, and deploy applications quickly to their entire workforce.

What is Managed Wireless?

Managed wireless is essentially letting Nexcom do all the work for you managing your bills and mobile device service provider relationships. Nexcom's professional consultation in bill management can help you save up to 30% of your overall mobile telecom expense in year one. Nexcom has saved millions of dollars for our clients through this service alone.

Additionally, you save time and money on our direct support for device maintenance, repair, and replacement. If you have tried this on your own, you have found that it can take a lot of time, whether by phone or in person. Use our trained staff and deep relationships with the carriers to take the headaches away from you. Plus, keep your workforce deployed to what they do best. Let us do the busy work.

How Can I Drive Down my Mobile Expenses?

There are many variables you can manipulate to drive better costs for your company. The number of options available to you for devices and plans is enormous, but navigating the right ones can help you to get the most for your money. Nexcom knows the levers available and which combinations work best in different situations. We have rolled out thousands of mobile device deployments for our customers. Leverage our experience to work for you.


Can I view my vehicles and reports from any computer?

Yes— as long as the computer is connected to the internet.

Can I view my vehicles and reports from my mobile device?

Yes, Nexcom GPS is available from any internet-enabled mobile phone.

Does your GPS run in real time?

Yes, all moving vehicles will report to your system frequently in real time. This movement is reflected in our tracking feature.


Where is My Data Stored?

Nexcom partners with two Charlotte-based data centers that have redundant sites in Washington, DC, Raleigh, NC, and St. Louis, MO. These certified data centers exceed every industry standard for security, performance, and reliability. Our Software as a Service (SaaS) model provides uptime guarantees, multisite backup, and insurance coverage. We typically build databases in Microsoft SQL / IIS / .NET environments, which we fully support. Tenured professionals who have deep experience working in Fortune 100 companies manage our frameworks.

How Can I Get Support When I Need It?

Nexcom is available 15 hours a day during business days, 8 hours on Saturday, and by email within 15 minutes. You can call us, email us, log a ticket through our customer portal (Compass), and use our mobile application to get help quickly.

How Can I See All My Support Tickets?

As a Nexcom Customer, you have access to our customer portal, Compass. Not only can you request help here, but you can also see all your support history for your whole company. You can also view and manage your mobile telecom expenses here as well.

If I Need Support, Do I Actually Get a Real Person?

Yes. You can count on getting one of our support representatives on the phone immediately. Our service level agreement requires us to deliver a response to you within 15 minutes of your contact. You can access our support personnel via phone, email, online (through Compass), or through our mobile application.
Plus, your real person is a US-based, skilled mobile and IT support technician. Our first call resolution is over 85% for all our calls. You can count on us.

What are Nexcom’s Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)?

If you are one of our wireless mobile management customers, you have access to our support portal Compass. In this portal, you see a dashboard of several very important metrics that show you how good of a job we are doing: average cost per user, customer satisfaction scores, and a breakout of call performance metrics. These include categories of calls; length of calls, first-call resolution, and all the key performance metrics for service companies you should expect to see. We are performance driven - you will see very quickly whether or not we are doing our job.

Why Nexcom for IT?

Why companies choose Nexcom for our outsourced IT Helpdesk:

  • 4.9 out of 5 customer satisfaction scores
  • Flexible pricing models
  • Superior reporting modules
  • 15 hours of live helpdesk M-F and 10 hours on the weekends
  • All staffed in Charlotte, NC

Are you Offshore?

No. We are based in Charlotte, NC with local, US-based, skilled personnel. If you are located in the US, this matters. Why? There is no language barrier. There is complete dedication from a US company driven to serve and grow, and you have access to a highly skilled workforce. If you have worked with teams offshore, you are familiar with the problems encountered in this model. Outsourcing is not the same as offshoring.

Why Would I Outsource my Level One IT?

IT can be a major back office expense and time waster, if not done properly. There are numerous cost-effective alternatives available from deeply experienced providers like Nexcom.

Plus, IT is changing shape. At one point in time, you had to hire someone to build your basic infrastructure to run email and apps. Now, you don't. For IT, it is more important now to focus on the strategic planning of how IT can grow your business. That is, how do you use your data? Where does automation make the most sense?

Who can do all this for you? Your time is your money - you have to decide at some point if it makes more sense to focus on doing IT yourself or working on activities that add much more value to your business.

Is the Cloud Safe?

That ultimately depends on who hosts your cloud and how you access it. To maximize the security of your files and applications, it is essential to evaluate your cloud server provider's hardware, software, technical expertise, and dedication to maintenance and support. It is critical that your server stay up to date with the latest security patches, it is backed up regularly, and that it fiercely defended against digital intrusion.

On your end, you need to be as vigilant with your PC accessing files / apps from the cloud as you would be alternatively with your email or bank accounts. Make sure you keep a "clean" browser and PC. That is, regularly check for viruses, spy ware, and other malicious applications that could take your data. Plus, do not navigate to suspect sites or links that could compromise your security. Above all, pay attention to whether or not you access sensitive information over a secured and encrypted (typically SSL) connection.

What Does “Cloud” Really Mean?

In the simplest of definitions, "cloud" simply means you access / store your applications and files somewhere other than your PC. This means your files will live on a remote server and you will need an internet connection to access them. Your remote server could be something you or your IT staff builds for you and maintains, or it could be built / maintained by a professional company who specializes in this type of work.

What is Microsoft 365?

Microsoft 365 is a full suite of cloud services that enable you to access all your Office email, contact management, calendar, file storage, and Office software (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.) without needing anything but a PC. That is, instead of managing your own email server and software licenses, you have an easy "plug and play" platform to manage all your needs from your PC. 365 operates on a monthly per user subscription basis. You do not have to worry about technical support or paying for licenses.