Smartphones and tablets are everywhere and owned by nearly everyone – and there are a number of software on the market targeted at field service organizations. However, many of them have limitations that can effect application performance (and usability) or send large amounts of data over the wireless network, resulting in inordinate data usage charges.

Our field service management software, Evolve™...

  • Is designed for the mobile environment – not a PC or Macintosh solution ported to mobile devices

  • Includes native iOS and Android apps for smartphones and tablets. Browser-based solutions, although compatible with a number of platforms, have slower performance and transfer larger amounts of data over the network
  • Has the ability for mobile workers to use the app offline (when a network signal is not available) 

Evolve™ can be used when the device is not connected to the network enabling remote workers to update work orders, invoice clients and create quotes and work orders even in remote locations. Because the application “syncs” with the cloud (rather than remaining online at all times), it delivers faster performance while using less of the user’s monthly mobile data allocation.