The Benefits of Mobile Telecom Expense Management

According to Aberdeen Group, wireless expenses are one of the largest and most complex costs for companies to manage. This is due to the fact that mobility has rapidly transformed from a simple ecosystem with pagers and feature phones to a complicated network of devices, usage options and services. There are many important reasons for your company to have an experienced Mobile Telecom Expense Management (TEM) team to correct errors, identify savings, and optimize expenses.

Error Correction

Acquisitions, evolving technology, and cumbersome billing practices have always challenged the telecommunications industry. Based on a study conducted by Aberdeen Group, 48% of companies indicated that they had errors on one or more of their company’s wireless bills each month. Even with this amount of errors, often in the carrier’s favor, businesses do not have the systems in place for managing and fixing these inaccuracies.

Some areas where errors can occur include:

  • Overlooked Contract Changes
  • Unnecessary Service Features
  • Missed Terminations
  • Duplicate Charges

These errors translate to significant over-spending. Errors can’t be avoided but unnecessary costs can by improving management and oversight of wireless invoices.

Identifying Savings

According to Gartner, improved visibility and closer management of wireless expenses can reduce wireless spend by 10 to 35 percent. Mobile TEM provides businesses with a solution to get mobile telecom spending under control even as it continues to dominate a company’s IT budget.

Mobile TEM delivers experts who can identify cost savings, streamline expense handling and provide financial planning for telecom expense budgets. Common areas to identify savings include poorly managed services, such as a large data pool, missing discounts, wasted spend and unused features.

Expense Optimization

Turning off devices and lines that are not being used is just one way to optimize your telecom expenses. It may sound simple, but monitoring the usage of thousands of devices can be time consuming and complex. Mobile TEM experts can conduct a wireless expense audit to help your business gain visibility into wireless spend to identify savings opportunities and optimize expenses going forward.

Things you can do on your own…

  1. Pool your data. This is a simple way to share data and minutes so light and heavy data users balance each other out.
  1. Divide your lines. For companies with more than 100 lines, talk to your wireless service provider about dividing your lines into multiple accounts. This will automatically save you money.
  1. Let the professionals help. Many enterprises choose to outsource Mobile Telecom Expense Management (TEM) due to the expenses involved in creating an in-house team. Allow Nexcom’s Mobile TEM and wireless phone bill auditing experts to provide your company with the mobile benchmarking needed in today’s environment.

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