What is the value for your company receiving a 22% discount from a wireless service provider?

There are minimal benefits of receiving an increased corporate discount from a wireless service provider. With a business account, which is accessible by any business, your company can receive a discount of up to 8 percent. Through wireless carriers’ corporate discount programs, your business can receive up to 22 percent off by joining a Group Purchasing Organization (GPO). I know what you’re thinking. An extra 14 percent? That’s a big difference…but there’s a catch.

As the wireless industry moves away from each line providing a set amount of voice/data for the shared pool and towards group data sharing plans, the calculation of the monthly corporate discount is evolving as well. Instead of each line receiving a discount, the discount is now only provided to the base plan cost. For example, if your business is taking advantage of a 150GB data plan, the 22% discount is only taken from the base plan’s cost ($1,125) and not from the entire invoice ($5,000). Where you would expect a total bill discount of over $1,000, you will only receive a discount of $247.50. See the difference? At 8% your savings would be $90 – at 22% your savings is increased by only $157/month.

With both plans, businesses receive the SAME promotions and incentives throughout the year.