About Us

Company Overview

Our mission: to simplify the way organizations work in today’s mobile economy.

Based in Charlotte, North Carolina, Nexcom is a mobile management, award-winning help desk services and field automation software company designed for a mobile-age. Since 2001, Nexcom has helped organizations save millions of dollars on their wireless spend; create mobile continuity for both security and user experience; and deploy the most advanced mobile CRM and field services software platform. Today over 500 organizations and one million users trust Nexcom with their mobile ecosystem.

What We Do

Understand changing consumer behavior

Nexcom stays steps ahead of changing consumer behavior by remaining flexible, collaborative and proactive.

Capitalize on new technology, innovation and software integration

All of our employees are forward-thinking industry leaders who are always up–to-date on the latest technology solutions.

Help companies with their pains

We solve customers’ problems by offering mobile solutions from application development to IT services.

Save companies money

Using our customer telecom expense management platform, Compass, we are able to improve billing thru analyzing competitiveness and generating overall efficiencies