Compass Online Visibility & Reporting Tools

Nexcom combines multiple wireless carrier invoices and other mobile billing accounts into one easy-to-use, customizable, online interface on our Compass™.

In fact, the Nexcom Compass™ portal provides an unprecedented level of billing detail and allows users to easily sort or extract any information needed. Nexcom also offers significant flexibility in customizing reports because we understand that a pre-set list of reports is not enough to manage wireless effectively.

We have the capability to supply custom reporting with quick turnaround, usually at no additional cost. Some wireless telecom expense management providers may consider this type of customized reporting "out-of-scope", but Nexcom considers special requests, analysis and reporting as part of our responsibility – every day.

Compass Cost Analysis & Insight

Dramatically Reduce Wireless Expense.

Using the tools available through the Nexcom Web-based Compass™ portal our telecom analysts personally and painstakingly optimize your company's mobile usage every month. They make sure your enterprise only pays for the services you need - and at the most cost-effective prices in the market place.

Monthly usage statements for end-users and supervisors.

Compass™ lets you automatically email each user a statement of their monthly usage and billing data. Everyone on your team knows how much they spent. Every month. Automatically.

In addition, a Manager's Summary Statement puts information at your supervisor's fingertips.

This visibility at the manager and end-user levels provides an uncommon insight that is indispensable in effectively managing wireless usage. The Compass™ portal allows you to set permissions so users only view their relevant billing data while managers have access to usage data for all their direct reports. We can also customize these reports to meet your specific needs.

Because we use automatic email for billing statements, there is no log-in required. The Compass™ portal automatically pushes relevant wireless usage reports directly to your end users and managers in an easy-to-read format viewable on smartphones and most mobile devices. They’ll see their statement each month, which means you'll see an immediate impact on individual's mobile use.

The Compass™ Portal Provides Automated Wireless Management.

Gain Complete Visibility into Your Enterprise Wireless Spending
General wireless telecom expense management should be easy, standard and reliable. That's why Nexcom developed our Web-based proprietary Compass™ tool (Wireless Expense Management Analytics Platform).

Compass™ has evolved into a Best-of-Breed wireless Telecom Expense Management (TEM) tool that integrates smoothly into any enterprise. It empowers our clients to maintain complete visibility into wireless usage and spending across an entire enterprise.

Monthly reports, that can be emailed to managers and end users, provide customized display of wireless voice and data use. Information can be segmented by costs per user, cost per department, cost per division, or for any other customized presentation of wireless data your enterprise organization needs.

The unique algorithms within the Compass™ portal provide a level of reporting across all major carriers that is unmatched in the industry. The Compass™ portal can allocate every penny accurately (not estimated) down to the line level and has the ability to provide mobile expense reporting that can be eight levels deep or more.

Monthly Rate Plan Optimization is part of the Compass™ portal and includes the timely upload of carrier billing (as soon as data is available). Our in-house analysts then access and work through the data to determine accuracy of costs and usage charges, and proactively adjust users plans and features to maximize savings.

Our Compass™ portal provides customers with insight into wireless usage and expense through our performance metrics and the Compass™ Dashboard. Our dashboard offers numerous views into usage and expense, including tabs for:

  • Trending Reports
  • Bill Cycle Monthly Reports
  • Top Ten Reports

Wondering how Compass™ can help your organization control wireless expense management?