Easy-to-use and Affordable

  • One of the easiest to use on the market
  • Easy to install
  • Best GPS support in the industry

Real Time GPS Tracking

  • Minute-by-minute tracking of each vehicle
  • Real time insight of vehicle arrival and departure times
  • Live traffic updates

Save on Fuel Usage

  • Track and monitor vehicle idling
  • Reduce speeding and rapid acceleration
  • Fuel usage reduced by 20% with optimized usage of GPS


  • Monitor mileage, sudden braking, speeding and idling
  • On-demand reporting helps save money, reduce fuel usage, increase driving efficiency and safety
  • Automated email reports can be issued daily, weekly or monthly

Track Vehicle Maintenance

  • Set-up maintenance schedule and reminders for vehicles
  • Receive reminders via email or text message
  • Keep a record of all maintenance activities

GPS Tracking Alerts

  • Receive real-time alerts via email or text
  • Monitor driving behavior such as speeding or unauthorized usage
  • Instant theft notification