iPad Pro Review

Apple’s new laptop/tablet hybrid, the iPad Pro, went on sale a couple weeks ago and is a must-have for everyone from creatives to executives. The screen is much bigger, it moves faster and with some of the accessories Apple has to offer, the new tablet may seem like it can replace your laptop— Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, even suggested it. However, don’t throw away your laptop just yet, here’s why…


Whether you like the iPad Pro depends on what you like in a tablet. For some people, a tablet is better when you can fit it in small places. If this sounds like you, the iPad Pro is definitely not something you want to purchase. The iPad Pro is HUGE compared to most tablets with a display of 12.9 inches across diagonally, making it much bigger than the 9.7-inch iPad Air 2.


The new iPad starts at $799. This is a bit pricey, especially since all of the accessories are sold separately. This makes it more expensive than the 11-inch MacBook Air ($899) when you add the accessories and it doesn’t have all of the important functionalities present such as a USB port, trackpad, etc.


The screen is definitely one of the iPad Pro’s main selling points. The 12.9-inch, 2732x2048 resolution LCD display is excellent for watching movies, playing games and reading books. Because the screen is almost as wide as two Air 2s, you can run two apps side by side in split screen mode with plenty of room for each.

The audio upgrades are a noticeable improvement over the other iPads. The Pro has four speaker grilles— one at each corner. This is a first for Apple’s tablets. The speakers recognize when you’re holding the tablet portrait or landscape and adjust the soundscape accordingly.

Apple Pencil

Anyone who draws or works with images regularly will love this accessory. Even though Apple once swore off styluses, they now sell one of the best on the market. The Apple Pencil is an accessory that makes the new iPad worth purchasing. This plastic stylus is loaded with sensors that allow you to sketch and write with force.

Just like a regular pencil, the angle you use it at and the pressure you exert will bring different results. It does not come with the iPad and costs around $99. Contrary to what Tim Cook mentioned in an interview with the Independent, it isn’t the same as using a sketchpad.

Smart Keyboard

The smart keyboard is another must-have accessory. Not only does it help transform your iPad into a data entry tool, but it also gives your tablet protection. It is thin, light, and water-and-spill resistant. The fabric material covering the keyboard can take some getting use to but once you get adjusted to it, the smart keyboard makes an excellent text-entry tool. It is added with a new side connector port, called the smart connector that allows you to magnetically attach cases and send data and power through it.


In conclusion, the iPad Pro isn’t ready to replace your laptop. It’s just an upgraded iPad. If Apple wants the iPad pro to replace computers, people will need access to all of the software they use regularly on their laptop and desktops and more functionality will need to be added such as the ability to use a mouse. However, the new features and accessories make the iPad Pro worth purchasing if you’re looking to upgrade.