Nexcom IT

Nexcom offers an adaptive suite of managed IT asset lifecycle support services developed to meet the unique requirements of any organization's evolving infrastructure. The Nexcom IT service portfolio includes a wide range of cost-effective offerings such as hardware maintenance, data migrations, asset management, product deployment, data center relocation, data erasure, and IT asset recycling.

As a truly scalable IT service and support provider, Nexcom offer a full suite of complementary IT services to help keep your job simple, such as:

  • Integrated software support
  • Professional services that include platform family health checks
  • Storage and server assessments that include optional hardware sales and upgrades, installations and data migrations
  • Help desk support
  • Secure asset repurposing or recycling during any hardware refresh or upgrade.

Data Center Migrations and Consolidations.

Our data center migrations and consolidations service is designed to provide clients with the expertise and resources needed to develop and execute a comprehensive migration project plan. Through proper evaluation and planning, our discovery mechanism helps identify IT infrastructure and application interdependencies to create a cost-effective and risk-averse data center migration strategy and plan for both virtual and physical data center migrations.

From turn-key migration projects to hybrid migration solutions, our team of expert project managers, architects and technical SMEs specialize in reducing risk, while operating efficiently in business critical environments to perform data center migrations with minimal impact to the client’s internal resources.

With a proven methodology and sophisticated data migration tools, we simplify the task of:

  • Migrating to a colocation/hosting facility
  • Migrating to a private cloud
  • Moving to a new data center
  • Consolidating multiple data centers.

Using expertise and experience to prepare a solid foundation for success.

With the experience of having performed many IT asset relocations and data center moves, our in-house experts that make up the Nexcom Team prepare for every project with a highly strategic approach and best practices framework. Our specialized Project Managers work closely with our clients to plan and review every facet of an IT asset relocation project. From budgeting requirements to spare parts gap analysis, there is no detail that goes unchecked.

This discovery and planning phase is critical for ensuring minimal risk, project timelines are met and client expectations are exceeded. This phase of our Data Center Relocations, Migrations & Consolidations service incorporates many components that require meticulous attention to detail such as:

  • Project scope and scale analysis
  • Budgeting requirements
  • Timeline requirements
  • Risk assessments
  • Asset inventory and spare parts requirements
  • Data migration requirements and methodologies
  • And much more.

Having a thoughtfully planned project and a well informed team is imperative, and we provide the expertise, tools and resources to make it as easy as possible.

Enabling efficiency with the insight of experienced IT systems experts.

This phase of our Data Center Relocations, Migrations & Consolidations service incorporates many components that require a high level of expertise and experience to perform such as:

  • IT functionality testing
  • Data migrations
  • Migration and virtual systems testing
  • Storage Migration (V-Motion)
  • Host Migration
  • Proper cabling & routing
  • IT systems repair
  • And much more.

Providing IT leaders with a high level of control.

Our Data Center Relocations, Migrations & Consolidations service can be tailored to fit your business's exact requirements allowing you to strategically leverage only what is needed to fill your expertise and resource gaps. This flexibility can significantly reduce your IT asset and data center move costs compared to "all or none" packaged services giving you the control to strategically balance your wants and requirements.

Furthering your ability to get the expertise you require while controlling costs, we offer many other advanced data center relocation services such as:

  • Complete project management
  • Ensuring application groups are properly mapped
  • Determining logical and physical dependencies
  • Documentation of application priorities, recovery time objectives, and dependencies
  • Advise as to where existing technologies can help reduce recovery times
  • Migration group modeling

Joint development and documentation of migration approaches including risk and contingency plans for each approach.